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          All full time employees who work weekly on average at least 30+  hours  throughout the year are eligible for benefits.  Your
          benefits for Kaiser and Aetna Medical and Beam Dental and Vision are effective the 1st of the month following hire date.                                  Summary of

          Your eligible dependents include your legally married spouse, registered domestic partner, and  children. Due to Health Care                    Employee Benefits
          Reform, your medical plan covers dependents to age 26.  However, for other plans, age limits may apply.  Coverage may be
          available  for  a  mentally  or  physically  disabled  child  who  is  age  26  or  older.    Requirements  for  such  coverage  and
          documentation of disability depend on the insurance carrier.  Please contact your Benefits Administrator if you believe this
          issue applies to your family.
                                                WHEN YOU CAN ENROLL

          NEW HIRES/NEWLY ELIGIBLE FOR BENEFITS                                                                                                                        2019-2020
          When you are first hired or become eligible for benefits, you have 30 days to enroll into benefits.  If you do not enroll within
          that time frame, you will not be eligible for benefits until next Open Enrollment, unless you have a Qualifying Event.

          During Open Enrollment, you will have the opportunity to make changes to your benefit elections. You must enroll by the
          Open Enrollment deadline for your Kaiser and Aetna Medical and Beam Dental and Vision  benefits to be effective April
          1 . Other than a Qualifying Event, you will not be able to change  your elections until the next year’s Open Enrollment.

          If you have a qualifying event, you may be able to change your benefits before the next Open Enrollment.  You must notify

          Human Resources within 30 days of the event.

                                                  QUALIFYING EVENTS

             Newly  hired as full time benefits eligible employee        Birth of a child, adoption, legal guardianship or             People Operations Manager                           People Operations Specialist
             Changing from Part-Time to Full-Time                      custody.
             Loss of  coverage for you, your spouse or dependents      Change in residence causing loss of coverage                              Amber Evaro                                       Illissa Fernandez
             Change in marital status                                  Qualified Medical Child Support Order (QMCSO)
                                                                                                                                                   (650) 569-1122                                       (650) 569-1122
                                               EMPLOYER CONTRIBUTIONS

                 Carrier               Benefit           Effective Date          Employee             Dependent

                  Aetna               Medical PPO

                  Kaiser             Medical HMO
                                                               04/01                100%                   0%
                  Beam                                                                                                           Your Dedicated Account Manager                                Your Dedicated Client Concierge
                                                                                                                                           Gabriela Goncalves                                             Michelle Austin

                                           CARRIER CONTACT INFORMATION                                                                          (408) 213-5084                                              (408) 213-5080
                 Carrier              Benefit         Phone Number          Policy #               Website

                   Aetna             Medical PPO        1-800-872-3862       776351                                To enroll or make changes to your benefits, logon to your EaseCentral link:

                  Kaiser            Medical HMO         1-800-464-4000    North - 713859                    
                                                                          South - 234404

                   Beam                                  1-800-648-1179      CA00312

                                       Vision                                                                               This guide is intended as a quick reference, not a comprehensive description.

                                                                                                                                              There are limitations and exclusions that can be found in the official plan document.

              Benefit Resource     FSA—Commuter         1-800-473-9595    Company Code:                                  The official plan document will govern in case of any discrepancies.
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